Woven Word Young Writers Workshops with Lynn Bowmaster

Monday afternoons, November 6-December 11, 3:30-5:30 pm at 33 Hawley Street. Designed for writers ages 12-19. $5 per workshop. Space is limited. See below for registration and details.

To register, please email the instructor directly. Lynn Bowmaster: Lrbowmaster@gmail.com.

Everyone has something to say, and writing is a powerful way to say it! Please join us for a writing experience that’s far away from the classroom and closer to who we are. We invite you to write poetry, personal story, fiction, or song. We invite you to free your writing voice. The program is based on Woven Word’s 19 years experience working with young writers. We create safe guidelines for sharing writing (adapted from Amherst Writers & Artists) and tell each other what’s working in each new piece.

These workshops are held in memory of Eli Daniel Nemetz Todd, a writer born and raised in Northampton who died in October 2016 at the age of 23. They are made possible by donations to the Northampton Center for the Arts in Eli’s honor.