Watercolor: The Next Level with Paula Gottlieb

Five sessions on Thursday afternoons, September 28-October 26, 1:30-4 pm at 33 Hawley Street
Summer Moonrise by Paula Gottlieb

This class is for those who have at least a bit of experience in watercolor. We will work with principles such as paint to water ratios, interaction of paint and water, brushwork, color theory, transparent layering, and the sequence of constructing a watercolor painting. The fee is $200 plus materials list below.

To register, email us or call the Center at (413) 584-7327. Please include your name, address, and telephone contact. Course fees are payable in advance by check to "NCFA" and can be mailed to the Northampton Center for the Arts, PO Box 366, Northampton MA 01061. We do not accept credit cards.

Materials List

Questions? Email: paulagottliebart@gmail.com

Tubes of paint are preferable; if you already have a set of pan paints it is fine. Winsor Newton Cotman Colors are a good starting point for beginners and are readily available. Grumbacher Academy or Van Gogh are similar in quality and priced the same. If you want very good quality paints, get Winsor Newton Artists Colors or Daniel Smith paints: www.danielsmith.com

Suggested colors: Ultramarine Blue; either Pthalo Blue (Cotman) or Winsor Blue; Pthalo or Winsor Green; Sap Green; Cadmium Yellow Pale or Hansa Yellow or Azo Yellow; Permanent Rose or Thalo Crimson; Cadmium Red Light or Winsor Red or Quinacridone Red; Burnt Sienna . A pre-boxed set is okay if it contains most of these colors.

A pad of 140lb. Strathmore (or similar quality) 300 or 400 series at least 8”x10”. Optional: a Watercolor Block any brand, any size

Plastic or metal watercolor palette with wells and flat surfaces at least 9”x12”. Some suggestions: Slant or similar style; or Robert Wood; John Pike or Quiller

Watercolor brushes have soft hair. You may choose to paint with synthetic, synthetic/sable mix or true sable. Sable is best quality and quite expensive. A good minimal size range includes: 1 Flat at least 1/4 inch ; 1 Round #6, 7 or 8; 1 Round #1 or 2

ALSO: Roll of paper towels, small sketchbook…HB or #2 pencil …kneaded eraser. Any additional watercolor supplies you may have. This list is not set in stone; so if you cannot find the exact materials listed, don’t worry about it.

These materials can be purchased at the Guild Art Centre,
102 Main Street, Northampton
Mention you are taking class with Paula Gottlieb for 10% discount

Note: The instructor of this class requests that participants please refrain from wearing perfumed and highly scented products. Thank you.