Having the Life of our Times: a Cross Cultural Arts HAPPENING!

Three days of scholarly reflection and artistic expression through theater, dance, music and spoken word performances from June 22 through 24

The exhibit of fifteen large acrylic-on-canvas murals painted by Iraqi and American youth is the inspiration and backdrop for this fusion of current events, and ancient history, performing and visual arts, activism, human rights, history and psychology that celebrates the tenth anniversary of Claudia Lefko's Iraqi Childrens Art Exchange (ICAE).

The murals, painted with the working title "How Will They Know Us?", were created by children and youth in Baghdad and Amman, Jordan and in eight communities in the US, from the Bay area of California to Normal, Illinois, to Salisbury, North Carolina and Northampton, Massachusetts. The ICAE murals will be installed in the ballroom for three days--providing time and a centrally located public space where people, across cultures and community lines, can experience them and take part in a variety of happenings June 22 through June 24. Please click on daily calendar listings or go to the ICAE website for details.

"Having the Life of our Times" is funded, in large part by MassHumanities, humanities being at the very heart of this project that considers how we define ourselves, as Iraqis and Americans, as individuals and communities living in a time that is troubled by an ongoing struggle--what journalist and author Robert Fisk calls "The Great War for Civilization."

Read more about the Iraqi Children’s Art Exchange in the words of founder Claudia Lefko.