Our Space


The Northampton Center for the Arts is a private, non-profit organization, established in 1984 as the result of a public/private partnership between the City of Northampton and the developers of the former D.A. Sullivan School complex in downtown Northampton. For almost 30 years, the Center’s ballroom and galleries served as affordable, accessible venues for performances, exhibitions, arts-education programming and community gatherings. The Center has been a unique and valuable resource, encouraging participation in a variety of expressive forms and producing quality events that bring people together in celebration of creativity.

In July of 2013, the City of Northampton’s non-renewable lease for the space that housed the Center for the Arts expired. But we have NOT! You can find us downtown at 5 Strong Avenue (same phone and email contacts) where we will be producing First Night Northampton and making plans for our upcoming relocation in collaboration with the Northampton Community Arts Trust. For news about the next great arts adventure ... please click here.

Our People

Executive Director: Penny Burke
Associate Director, First Night Northampton: Barbara Allen
Operations Manager: Steve Davis

Board of Directors

  • Dorothy Nemetz, Chair
  • David Boutilier, Treasurer
  • Claudia Lefko, Clerk
  • Madeline Weaver Blanchette
  • Debin Bruce
  • Nancy Goldstein
  • Ginny Mayer
  • Tess Poe

The Center for the Arts has three resident performance companies: the Lisa Leizman Dance Company, the Happy Valley Guitar Orchestra, and SHOW Circus Studio.